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Useful Tips for your Visit to Egypt


A River Nile cruise is an excellent way to view Egypt's most interesting temples and tombs. If this is your first visit, it’s a great way to take in the main historical sites on a one week cruise. A typical 7 night cruise itinerary includes a week’s sail from Luxor to Aswan and return, stopping along the way to visit some fascinating sites. The Temple at Luxor, The Temple at Karnak and the attractions on the West Bank, a visit to the Temples at Edfu, Kom Ombo and Philae and the city of Aswan. All the excursions are accompanied by an Egyptologist who will be able to guide you and explain the culture and history of this amazing country. Cruises include meals and most of the entrance fees to the sites.


Crawl inside a Great Pyramid in Cairo

If you pay E£10 you will get the opportunity to crawl down the narrow tunnel of the inner chamber of a pyramid, once inside there isn't much to look at other than a stone sarcophagus but it has to be worth a go just to say you've done it. Come face to face with the amazing Sphinx or take advantage of other excursions while in Cairo such as the Step Pyramid at Saqqara or the ancient capital of Memphis. Camel rides may not be such a good idea as there are some pretty unscrupulous characters leading the camels who have refused to let tourists dismount until they have paid a surcharge. (The cost should be around E£15 per hour).


Henna Tattoo's

Visit a Nubian village and you will get the opportunity to have a henna tattoo painted on your ankle or shoulder by the local village girls (tattoos on the hand don't last very long). This should cost just a few Egyptian pounds.


Sun Sea and Sand

We offer some fantastic hotels in great Red Sea resorts on our website. Resorts include Hurghada, El Gouna, Taba, Marsa Alam and Sharm El Sheikh best known for the spectacular diving and watersports galore. Many of the resorts hotels offer spa treatments and even a massage on the beach. We can tailor make your holiday to meet your needs, so if you want a weeks river Nile cruise followed by a week in a Red Sea resort or a transfer to Cairo to enjoy more of the history of Egypt call us and we will do our best to get you the holiday you want.


St Catherine's Monastery

St Catherine's Monastery is thought to have been built on the very site of the Burning Bush from the biblical story on the Sinai Peninsula. Take a trip from your Red Sea resort to visit the place where Moses received the tablets of the Ten Commandments. Take a jeep safari or a camel safari and take off into the desert.


Dive Schools

Most resorts have there own Dive Schools, you can hire all the equipment you need from them and take a diving course.


Smoke a Shisa

Visit the cafe at Kom Ombo Temple and smoke a water pipe or shisa they cost around E£1 to E£5 and they are available in a variety of flavours such as apple. Kom Ombo is one of the excursions on the River Nile cruise itinerary. Don's miss out on the mummified crocodiles located in a small area to the right of the Kom Ombo Temple.


The Sound and Light Show at the Pyramids

This awesome sight is an amazing show where lasers flash across the contours of the Pyramids while actors explain the wonders of this ancient site. There are also Sound and Light shows at the Karnak and Luxor Temples and is generally offered as an additional excursion.


Treasures of Tutankhamen

Many precious items were discovered in the tomb of Tutankhamen in 1922 by Howard Carter. The Egyptian Museum in Cairo now houses this ancient treasure. If you pay extra you can visit the mummy room where you will find Egypt's greatest pharaoh on display complete with hair, nails and teeth. You can also take a tour of Old Coptic Christian Cairo and Islamic Cairo. This includes a visit to the Church of St Serguis where the Holy family took shelter, and the Hanging Church. Visit the amazing Mosque of Mohammed Ali in the Citadel.


Markets and Bazaars

For the best advice on what to buy and how much you should pay speak to your tour guide, but above all have fun haggling for your souvenirs. There is a great spice market in Aswan and the back streets of Luxor are awash with many exciting bazaars. The street children sell toy camels and it’s not about the quality. It can be overbearing when faced with the constant attentions of Egypt's street hawkers so the best way to deal with them when you’ve had enough is to smile, look them straight in the eye and say a firm 'Welcome' this should cause some confusion as it is generally their opening line so make your getaway.


Queen Nefertari's Tomb

This Tomb can be found in the Valley of the Queens. It was discovered in 1904, went through a restoration programme and then reopened in 1995. Queen Nefertari was  Rameses II favourite wife. The tomb has the most amazing wall paintings is thought to be one of the best tombs in Egypt. The Valley of the Kings is also located on the west bank of the Nile and is home to Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. Also found here are the Colossi of Memnon, Rameses II Mortuary Temple and Ramesseum.  Entrance fees are generally included in the cost of your holiday although it’s worth paying extra to go down inside the Tomb of Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings, no treasure but worth a visit to see his mummy and one of the coffins.


Ride Caliches (horse drawn carriage)

Its true that a lot of the horses are not very well looked after so to encourage those owners who aren’t so kind to their animals choose a well looked after horse for your ride. Always be clear about where you want to go and find out how much it is. Drivers always ask for two tips one for them and one for the horse, who more than likely will be named Ali Baba. Be on your guard and be firm as it has been known of drivers who have taken tourists to shops owned by their relatives and have refused to return them to their hotel until they have made a purchase. If this were to happen to you find a tourist policeman and make a lot of fuss until you are taken where you want to go.


Felucca trips on the Nile

A Felucca is a traditional sailing boat and can be spotted by their large white sails as they sail around Kitcheners Island. Generally a Felucca trip is included as an excursion on your River Nile cruise itinerary. A visit to the Unfinished Obelisk at Aswan is a must, the Obelisk lies on its side carved from the granite and abandoned because of a fault. You will also find the Aswan Dam and the High Dam in this region.

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