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Holidays in Luxor

For people interested in Holidays in Luxor and ancient Egyptian history then Luxor is the ideal resort. There are many monuments, temples, tombs and cultures that are a must-see whilst visiting this fascinating resort. Because of the warm weather in the winter in Luxor it is still a popular resort due to the warm temperatures actually being more comfortable to sunbathe in than in summer months. The transfer time from the airport to Luxor is around 20 minutes so you will have a lot of time in the resort itself and you may also get a slight understanding of the location of your hotel within the resort.

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Luxor is not a beach location but is located near to the Nile and excursions can be done to the Red Sea. There are plenty of hotels in Luxor, the ones outside the city centre being the most popular. This is because many people prefer to have modern and relaxing hotels to stay in and you will find mainly 3, 4  or 5 star hotels in Luxor.

The sightseeing opportunities in Luxor are huge. You can visit to the Temples of Luxor and Karnak Temple, There is a museum that will show you all about the Mummification proccess as well as the Museum of Luxor. The Museum of Luxor is a place that people will enjoy as it shows various tombs and temples including Tutankhamun. If this is not for you, then why not try a felucca trip on the river Nile. Also populare are trips above Luxor in a Hot-air balloon trips. There is also the 18-hole golf course. The excursions that you can go on include  Red Sea trips on a boat, a safari on a camel,the Valley of the Kings and Queens trips and many temple excursions. Nile cruises and visits to other resorts such as Cairo and Aswan are also popular.


The holidays to Luxor offer a variety of excellent a la carte restaurants including Pizzerias, Italian and Chinese, and buffet restaurants offering a variety of different foods to suit everyones tastes, you can also try traditional Egyptian cuisines. There are also a few restaurants offering similar cuisine around the resort. Luxor nightlife is fairly relaxed. There is a disco on a boat, themed dining and a Temple sound and light show.

A holiday to Luxor offers you the chance to shop on the site of hotels or actually attached to them and mostly sell souvenirs. There is plenty of public transport in Luxor. There many taxis in the resort but it is important that a fare is agreed before beginning the journey. There are also Ferries frequently cross the River Nile and there are also trains that travel to Cairo.

The warm weather in Luxor is warmest between June and August. During the summer, temperatures can be as high as 43°C during the day and drop to 7°C at night. The average minimum temperature in in the summer it is 30°C although it can reach a lot higher than this. In the winter the average minimum temparature is 14°C, December is the coldest month however it still can reach highs of 20.5°C. There is very little rainfall in Luxor and usually it clears up very quickly.

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